Solar Technician

During the course, the trainee learns about safety and the environment, use of fire extinguishers, and artificial respiratory resuscitation to begin with. He gets the idea of trade tools & its standardization, identifies different types of conductors, cables & their skinning & joint making. Basic electrical laws and their application in different combinations of electrical circuits are practiced along with laws of magnetism. They also perform testing using various Electrical Instruments like Wattmeter, Energy meter, etc. they accomplish basic Electric energy calculations and understand transmission and distribution of electrical power. The Trainee understands natural planetary movements and the sunlight’s path. Measures intensity of solar radiation, analyzes shadow effect on incident solar radiation, plots curve of radiation measured and draws a solar map with respect to time for a location. The Trainee learns about the characteristics of photovoltaic cells and modules, Batteries, Charge Controllers and constructs small Solar DC appliances.

Employment Opportunities

Solar Panel Installation Technician.
Solar PV System Installation.
Engineer Solar PV System Maintenance Technician Module Assembly Technician

Further Learning Pathways

Can join Apprenticeship Programs in different industries leading to a National Apprenticeship Certificate (NAC).
Can join the Crafts Instructor Training Scheme (CITS) in the trade for becoming an instructor in ITIs.